Recent Changes

We’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to post an update! We’ve released two new soaps, one of which is a limited edition scent for summer. We plan to make several different seasonal varieties each year, which will be available online, at craft fairs and events, and in select stores.
On a sad note, we made the decision to sell our cows, in order to focus on our growing landscaping and soap businesses. However, our Hereford cow and calf have only moved a few miles away, and are settling in well to their new home. Their new owners have named the little bull Isaac, which we think suits him.
You may be seeing us at some larger craft shows in the near future! We are planning to travel to events in Albany and Vermont. We are also looking to expand into some more shops across the North Country. (If there are any stores that you’d like to see our soap in, let us know!)

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