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Goat Milk: For Your Pets?

Today is a big day for us here at the Cook Farm. Our pet food license from the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets has finally arrived! (We had been checking our mailbox religiously every morning for the past month waiting for it to come in.) What does this mean? We are now authorized to sell raw goat’s milk as a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats (or other species). We will begin offering milk in returnable glass bottles as soon as we can get our farmstand up and running this spring.

So, what’s the deal? Why on earth would anyone sell goat’s milk as a nutritional supplement for pets? Here are our two big reasons:

1) We love our goats! We love them so much, that we made milking them our business. You may have tried one of our goat’s milk soaps before (if you haven’t, check them out here). We really enjoy making and selling our soaps, but we think that our goats have a lot more to offer. Goat’s milk, goat’s milk cheeses, and goat’s milk frozen yogurt are all delicious and we would love to be able to sell them for human consumption, but there’s one BIG problem: becoming a Grade A dairy is incredibly cost-prohibitive! For us to do so, we would need to construct a brand new milking parlor, separate milk house, while navigating an incredibly complex series of regulatory hurdles. (Don’t even get us started on NY’s raw milk regulations!)

2) Goat’s milk is actually GREAT for your pet! If you don’t believe us, check out this article from The Dog Bakery (based in California) on all of the health benefits that goat’s milk has to offer your pet. Our friend Rosemarie has noticed that her dog Molly’s skin allergies have improved since she started giving her our raw goat’s milk, and she believes that the RAW part is key. Pasteurization was designed to kill harmful bacteria in milk, but unfortunately, it also destroys many of the beneficial probiotics and vitamins, alters the structure of healthy fats and proteins, and deactivates important digestive enzymes. Organic Pastures (a family-owned farm in Fresno, CA) posted a handy chart on their website to illustrate how raw milk, pasteurized milk, and plant-based milk substitutes compare, which you can find here. Dogs and cats really seem to love the taste, and look forward to their daily milk treat!

You will notice that each bottle of our milk states “WARNING: NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION – THIS PRODUCT HAS NOT BEEN PASTEURIZED AND MAY CONTAIN HARMFUL BACTERIA”, but rest assured, we regularly test our milk to ensure that our SCC (short for somatic cell count, which is the total number of cells per milliliter) is low, reducing the likelihood that harmful bacteria may be present. We will post our test results here on our website when we receive them.

Hopefully this post has been informative, and you are now curious enough to try giving some of our goat’s milk to your pet! We will be sure to share updates as we approach the completion of our farmstand and have milk available to sell.

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