Agritourism Policies

The following agritourism policies are posted conspicuously at the farm’s entrance(s), but we have posted them here on the website as well so that our visitors may read them before they arrive. Please consult our FAQs for clarification about why we have some of these policies in place, and don’t hesitate to contact us with additional questions.

Warning to Visitors


  1. Walking on the grounds, in the fields, and on pathways, which can pose the risk of tripping or falling due to surface and sub-surface conditions of the land, vegetation, or water, including uneven or slippery surfaces, ice or snow, rocks, fallen branches, and/or other obstructions or hidden objects;
  2. Exposure to farm implements that have been provided for visitors’ use to harvest crops;
  3. Exposure to other farming equipment used on the farm by farm personnel;
  4. Exposure to farm animals, wild animals, and insects, which may cause injury or disease;
  5. The lack of care of other visitors, causing injury or property damage to others.

Section 18-303(f) of the New York State General Obligations Law provides that owners and operators complying with the provisions of Section 18- 303(d) of the Safety in Agricultural Tourism Act shall not be liable for visitors’ injury, death, damage, or loss. The law requires this posting.

Responsibilities of Visitors & Rules of Conduct

While visiting the farm, Section 18-303(2) of the New York State General Obligations Law requires visitors to:

  1. Exercise reasonable care regarding the disclosed risks of the agricultural activity;
  2. Reasonably comply with posted way-finding signs;
  3. Reasonably remain in areas designated for the activity;
  4. Reasonably follow all verbal or written and conspicuously posted rules of conduct; and
  5. Not willfully remove, deface, alter, or otherwise damage signage, warning devices, implements, or other safety devices.

Our farm rules of conduct are as follows:

  1. Littering is not allowed;
  2. Smoking is not allowed within 100 feet of buildings or equipment;
  3. Pets are not allowed on the premises under any circumstances;
  4. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times;
  5. Climbing on, over, or through fencing and/or gates is not allowed;
  6. Petting and/or feeding of animals is allowed only in the presence of an owner with his/her express permission;
  7. Hands must be washed before and after any animal interactions.

Right to Refund

If you are unprepared or unwilling to participate in the agricultural tourism activity due to its inherent risks or the duties described in the Responsibilities of Visitors & Rules of Conduct, you should not participate in the activities offered on this farm; and you are entitled to a full refund of your unused admission price, if applicable.