We raise several different kinds of poultry on our farm, all free range or pastured. What’s the difference? Free range means that the birds have access to the outdoors, but eat a diet consisting mostly of grain. Pastured means that the birds live primarily outdoors, and the seeds and insects that they forage comprise a large portion of their diet (but they still receive grain). With careful management, the pastured birds can aerate the ground, improve soil fertility, and reduce the risk of gastrointestinal parasite transmission to our goats, with whom they share the land.


One of the things that brings people back to our farm time and time again is our fresh eggs! In addition to table eggs, we offer laying hens for sale. We only have room for so many birds in our coop, so when the time comes for new pullets to move into the “big bird” coop in the fall, we move the oldest hens out. These 2.5 year old ladies still produce eggs, just not quite as many as they did when they were young. They make a fantastic addition to a backyard flock, at a very reasonable price. To learn more about egg laying efficiency, check out this article from Purina.

Within the next few years, we plan to offer a heritage breed chicken CSA program. Chickens will be raised on pasture, and processed by us on the farm. We prefer heritage breeds to Cornish crosses because of their sustainability, foraging ability, and greater ratio of dark meat to white meat.


We will have a limited number of heritage breed turkeys available for purchase in 2022. Turkeys will be raised on pasture, and processed by us on the farm in time for Thanksgiving.


We keep a small flock of ducks, mostly because we just enjoy them so much! They can be seen wandering the farm, keeping the mosquito and black fly populations under control. We sell their eggs as table eggs, but we also sell hatching eggs and ducklings from time to time. We are particularly interested in preserving the Cayuga duck, a Livestock Conservancy listed breed that is native to New York and has gorgeous greenish black iridescent feathers.

Interested in purchasing eggs, meat, or live birds? Please get in touch with us via email at cook.enterprises.ny@gmail.com.