We raise several different kinds of poultry on our farm, all free range or pastured. But what’s the difference between the two? Free range means that the birds have access to the outdoors, but eat a diet consisting mostly of grain. Pastured means that the birds live primarily outdoors, and the seeds and insects that they forage comprise a large portion of their diet (but they still receive grain to promote proper development and flavor). With careful management, the pastured birds can aerate the ground, improve soil fertility, and reduce the risk of gastrointestinal parasite transmission to our goats, with whom they share the land.


One of the things that brings people back to our farm time and time again is our fresh eggs! We also offer whole frozen chickens, raised on pasture and processed by us on the farm.


Each year, we offer a limited number of turkeys for Thanksgiving. Like our chickens, our turkeys are raised on pasture and processed by us on the farm.


We keep a small flock of ducks, mostly just because we enjoy having them around so much! Their eggs also happen to be delicious: larger and richer than chicken eggs. They can be seen wandering the farm, keeping the mosquito and black fly populations under control.

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