Farm Happenings

Our New Property

We recently purchased two properties that will serve as the new base of operations for our farm. Initially, we purchased a 26 acre wooded lot that we planned to clear and build upon, but the opportunity presented itself to purchase the half acre adjoining it, which already has power, water, and septic. (As we’ve discovered, installing these utilities can get expensive quickly, with the cost of drilling a well being $15-$30 PER FOOT!)

Old fencing is embedded in trees on the perimeter of our new property.

Not only is purchasing this second parcel saving us money, but it adds to the overall cool-factor of our property; we believe it to be the site of the original farmhouse and barn. When we walked our land for the first time, we noticed old barbed wire and panel fencing embedded in trees around the perimeter. From what Brandon’s grandfather tells us, it may have been a sheep farm sometime in the early to mid 20th century. We were excited to hear this, and we think it’s pretty cool that our goats will be grazing land that used to be pasture over half a century ago. It’s just going to take a few years of work to get there!

What we believe may have been a sheep barn many, many years ago.

It will be slow going at first, as we acquire the equipment that we’ll need and get in touch with all of the right people, but I plan on sharing progress reports here on our website whenever we’ve done something worth sharing. We are hoping to get our greenhouse up before winter arrives, so that we can start plants in the spring to get our farmstand up and running next season!

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