It’s the season of giving! This year, we are continuing our annual tradition of funding a new Kiva loan to a fellow farmer. Normally, we encourage people to think locally when it comes to the food system, but in this case, we are supporting our global community of agricultural practitioners by making a contribution where we feel it can generate the most impact. (For more information on how Kiva works and why we chose to begin helping farmers through this platform, please read our post entitled How We’re Helping Small Farmers Gain Access to Capital.)

Since we began lending with Kiva in 2021, we have assisted farmers all around the globe in gaining access to the capital that they needed to start or grow their businesses. To date, we have funded loans to people in Costa Rica, Kyrgyzstan, Samoa, Uganda, and Moldova. Although our contributions have historically been small, it is nice to know that we are helping those who share our passion for agriculture. All of the funds that are repaid to us are allocated to making new loans, sort of paying it forward from one farmer to the next.

This year, we have chosen to contribute to a loan requested by a young woman named Leydi Germania. She lives in La Cofradía Baja, Ecuador with her mother, sister, and niece. Raising pigs is currently her primary source of income. She wishes to buy a sow, piglets, feed, and supplies to expand her business. In the future, she wants to buy a house and land of her own where she can raise animals, and to employ others on her farm.

Leydi Germania, a pig farmer from Ecuador, our 2023 funding pick.

As of December 16, 2023, Leydi Germania’s loan is still in the fundraising stage. If you are able, please consider lending $25 to help her meet her goals:

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