Foaming Goat’s Milk Soap Like No Udder

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It took us a long time to develop this recipe, but we are very pleased with the results! We are proud to offer a foaming, liquid goat’s milk soap that is scented with a blend of orange, eucalyptus, and spearmint essential oils. This soap is sold in 8 ounce glass jars, with a pumper lid (for first time purchasers) or as a refill (for those who already have a pumper lid), because we’re all about eliminating single-use plastics! As with all of our products, the foaming soap is made with milk from our own goat herd.

The soap may appear to separate (with a white foamy layer on top), but worry not! This is completely natural for a product containing no chemical emulsifiers. There is no need to shake or stir.

Ingredients: water, coconut oil, goat’s milk, canola oil, lye, orange essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, spearmint essential oil

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With Pumper, Refill

2 reviews for Foaming Goat’s Milk Soap Like No Udder

  1. David P Masinick

    A staple at our kitchen sink. The pump can jam, but can be cleared by pumping hot water through it between refills.

  2. Diane Bennett

    I was given this foaming soap as a gift. And right away i had to google where i could buy more. Outstanding hand soap that smells terrific! I will be ordering a few of them. Thank you for a wonderful product!

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