Earlier this year, we were awarded a grant by the Adirondack Council to enhance the environmental benefits provided by our farm. The funds were used to partially cover the cost of constructing a cement compost containment area, basically a bunk in which we can compost our bedding, manure, and garden waste. Having the compost contained means that we’re much less likely to have run-off after rainstorms that could leach into the nearby stream and wetlands.

“Sustainably managed farmlands are working landscapes that protect wildlife, open space, and water quality, while playing a part in mitigating climate change. Supporting Adirondack farms benefits the environment as well as our economy and our communities, with jobs and healthy food,” – William C. Janeway, Adirondack Council Executive Director

Before and after composting. We use a lot of waste hay as bedding, because our Angora goats can’t lay on wood shavings.

Composting is really important to our farm because it allows us to take advantage of nutrient cycling. What once was a pile of goat poop, will eventually become nutrient rich soil, that we can use in our garden or sell to other gardeners in the area. Composting is also how many farms, including ours, dispose of animals when they die. (Not that that happens often!) There’s an old saying that “if you have livestock, you’re gonna have dead stock”. That’s just the reality of farming. 

We are very fortunate to have had our proposal funded by Adirondack Council, and to have had some help with completing the project!

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